Motto: You are what you surround yourself with. If your environment is harmonic and full of happy colours, you are full of harmony and are positive as well.

Love your space, love heaven and love with happiness will accompany you.



Entering the gate of perception:


The continuum of energy associates heaven and Earth, the soul and body, awareness and the World we live in.

It ceaselessly flows through the gates of our senses with its cargo of visual perceptions, sounds, smells, aromas, touches and ideas and invokes the feeling of well-being or bad moods in you. Our personal and planetary health

and well-being depends on balancing this energy; the energy’s sensual messages convey the quality of our life.


Helen Berlinek “Creating the Enlightenment”



Something about Qle:


I was born in the second half of the last century in Northern Bohemia. I was very lucky to be born as a human being.

I grew up in a creative and highly inspiring family. I travelled much.

Today, I live and work again in Northern Bohemia, in Děčín.

I like colours, people, animals and nature. I have been interested in Feng-Shui for a long time and I like to learn new things.

I hope my paintings shine with love, radiate positive vibrations and bring happiness and pleasure to their owners.

This is the code and message of my work. Have a nice day.